William Hill | Music Director

Get Noticed Within the ECO Community!

Evergreen Chamber Orchestra is seeking mutually-beneficial partnerships with awesome businesses within our communities.

As a volunteer orchestra, Evergreen Chamber Orchestra relies heavily on the generous sponsorships of local businesses. 

We’re always elated to receive sponsorships from great businesses – and that’s why we’ve taken great care to create a suite of Sponsor Benefits that provide much more value to our sponsors than the cost of the package.

Throughout the years, we’ve helped a number of businesses increase their brand awareness and gain referrals by accessing our community of music lovers and musicians. Read on to learn more about ECO’s sponsorships!

What we're looking for

Mutually-beneficial partnerships with great businesses in our communities that provide excellent products and services
Sponsors that do a great job for their customers - and have the ratings and reviews to prove it
Businesses that value - and work hard to maintain - a positive brand reputation in the communities they serve

What we bring to the table

Passionate and dedicated audience and an established brand presence in the Denver Metro Area
Total print and digital marketing reach of over 150,000 households in our communities over the course of the season (and growing!)
Sponsorship Benefits Packages to meet and exceed the specific needs of a wide variety of different businesses

Interested in learning more about our sponsorship packages?

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