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Hello there! Evergreen Chamber Orchestra relies heavily on the generous contributions of individual donors like yourself to keep the orchestra running smoothly.
Did you know more than 40% of our revenue last year came from individual contributions from people just like you? There are many ways to financially support ECO - and some don't even require you to actually spend extra money!

Here's an overview of a few ways you can support ECO

Donation Packages

Donor benefits package table

When you make a financial donation to ECO, we are extremely grateful and super excited about it. 

That’s why we’ve put together a set of Donor Packages with benefits and perks to make sure you’re as excited about making your donation as we are receiving it! 

Make a quick cash donation by clicking on the button below. All donors will be recognized in our Concert Programs and Season Program, and donors who give more than $1,000 will be verbally recognized at our concerts!

King Soopers Rewards Program

Do you shop at King Soopers? Do you use a SooperCard loyalty card?

We’ve got good news for you! King Soopers will donate 0.5% of your purchase to ECO, just for using your SooperCard!

It’s super easy to get setup – you can find instructions here.

Amazon Smile

If you shop on Amazon via ECO’s Amazon Smile account, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to ECO.

This one is also super easy to set up – just follow the instructions here.

Donate your Car, Truck, or RV

Through the DonationLine program, you can easily donate your car, truck, RV, Jet Ski, or snowmobile to ECO without even lifting a finger!

Get information about this program here.

Do you own or work for a business?

Please consider a corporate sponsorship! Drive brand awareness, goodwill, and referrals through our community of musicians and music lovers. 

Because we want to provide more value to you than the financial contribution you make, we’ve put together a pretty awesome suite of Sponsor Benefits Packages – check them out here!

Bring a friend to our next concert!

Even if you can’t make a financial contribution above the normal ticket price, the single best thing you can do to support ECO is to tell your friends and family about us and bring them to the next concert.

After all, everything we do is focused on one thing – bringing excellent performances of classical music to our communities.

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