ECO Musical Moments

No. 15 - 5/26/2020

Welcome to our fifteenth ECO Musical Moment! Tonight, you’ll get another insightful look into ECO Music Director William “Bill” Hill’s incredible collection of exotic percussion instruments. Learn about each instrument’s origin, musical conventions, and use cases – and then hear them in action! 

William “Bill” Hill has been the Music Director of ECO since 2014, and he has been a significant force for good throughout the organization. The orchestra is performing at ever-higher levels thanks to Bill’s keen insight, deep love for music, and formidable skill as a conductor and composer. 

Bill is also the Principal Timpanist of the Colorado Symphony, and has performed with that orchestra for decades. He has also composed many works that have been premiered by the Colorado Symphony, among others. 

In addition, Bill’s jazz-fusion band “Bill Hill and Friends” has been nominated for Grammy Awards and regularly performs around Denver at jazz clubs like Dazzle.

Finally, we are inching closer and closer to our end-of-season fundraising goal of $20,000 by June 30th – but we need your help to make it all the way! As of right now, we’ve raised $12,216 for our Stronger Together fundraising campaign, which was launched in response to COVID-19. We’ve got just about 40 days to raise $7,784, and we need your help! Learn more and create your own personal fundraiser in support of our Stronger Together campaign here:

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