ECO Musical Moments

No. 18 - 6/9/2020

ECO’s Musical Moment for this evening features longtime flautist and orchestra librarian Betsy Nelms! Betsy is invaluable to our organization not only as a musician but also as the librarian. 

Betsy has been performing with ECO and a number of local orchestras for a number of years as a flautist. As you’ll see in this video, she is highly skilled!

An orchestra librarian has an incredibly difficult job – procure all the parts for the works we’re performing (in the correct editions!), distribute them to the appropriate musicians prior to rehearsals, collect them from musicians after the performances, and then either ship them back (in the case of rentals) or sort them in our music library for future use. Plus – managing the library is a gargantuan task unto itself. Let’s all give Betsy a big “thank you” the next time we see her 🙂

Please join the ECO board of directors, ECO musicians, and audience members at our first-ever ECO Summer Soirée this Saturday, June 13th at 7:00pm! This virtual event will feature interviews with and performances by Bill Hill, Peggy Lyon, Kathy Thayer, Natalie Hill, Wanda and Larry Beck, James Spear, and more. We’ll also have plenty of time for everyone to just relax and enjoy the company of fellow music lovers!

Learn more and get tickets here:ÉE

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