ECO Musical Moments - No. 19

Tonight’s ECO Musical Moment features ECO Concertmaster Kathy Thayer, ECO cellist Shirley Marecak, and ECO pianist Peggy Lyon in a performance of the first movement of Mendelssohn’s fiery Piano Trio in c minor, Op. 66. “Fiery” is used literally here, as this movement is Allegro energico e con Fuoco – meaning fast and energetic, played with fire. 

Composed in 1845 and first published a year later, the Piano Trio Op. 66 is Mendelssohn’s second contribution to the genre, and is a favorite amongst chamber music players and audiences. The work is full of memorable melodies and Mendelssohn’s trademark piano textures, and Brahms even quoted not only the opening melody of the finale for the Scherzo of his third Piano Sonata, but also the opening melody of the first movement (featured here) for the piano part in his Piano Quartet, Op. 60. 

Kathy Thayer and Peggy Lyon will have featured performances in our first-ever ECO’s Summer Soirée tomorrow night – Saturday, June 13th – at 7:00pm. We’d love for you to join us! In addition to Kathy and Peggy, you’ll get to hear performances by Bill and Natalie Hill, interviews of Larry and Wanda Beck and Jeff Spielman, and more. 

You can learn more about this great event and get your tickets here:ÉE

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