ECO Musical Moments

No. 4 - 4/17/2020

Hello again everyone! Welcome to the fourth edition of ECO’s Musical Moments. Today, Andrea Coyle will perform a few selections on violin and viola.

Andrea plays viola with ECO and runs her own violin and viola teaching studio. She has been teaching for more than eight years and is highly trained in the Suzuki method of musical instruction. Andrea has previously held principal viola and viola positions in the Boulder Symphony and the Flatirons Orchestra. 

The viola is one of the four string instruments that typically make up the string section of an orchestra: violin, viola, cello, and bass. The viola is slightly larger than the violin, giving it a lower pitch and deeper tone. The violin is tuned a fifth above the viola, while the cello is tuned an octave below. Typically, the viola is more likely to take the inner voices of harmonies when in the context of a string section or string quartet. 

We hope you enjoy the video today! If you’d like to learn more about Andrea’s excellent violin and viola studio, head over to

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